2021 Scholarship Campaign

Our Future Depends on Their Future … Their Future Depends on YOU

Help ensure that at-risk students can continue to pursue their studies and make an impactful contribution to global progress.
Now, in these challenging times, Israel’s future leaders and innovators, need your urgent help.

Timing is critical

The academic year started mid-October for Tel Aviv University (TAU), so the timing could not be more critical to ensure that all of our students can return and continue their studies with financial peace of mind. This in turn will ensure they have every opportunity to successfully complete their degree, realise their academic dreams and make their own destiny.


In the wake of COVID-19, countless of Tel Aviv University (TAU) students, from low-income and underrepresented groups, are at risk of dropping out because of financial difficulties. Lost jobs as well as the need to provide extra support to their families have compounded these students’ already enormous challenge of financing studies.

We are proud that TAU’s student body mirrors the diversity of Israeli society including Ethiopian Israelis, Israeli Arabs, Ultra Orthodox, single mothers, and residents of low socio-economic cities and towns. Many of these students are only able to access higher education through financial assistance from TAU, and your generous support.

Without income to cover their rent, tuition and living expenses, too many students have already informed the University they may be forced to drop out.

Meet Our Students

“I owe who I am today and who I will be tomorrow to those who have believed in me and have invested their time, wisdom, care and support to inspire, transform and empower me as a rising changemaker. I want to give back on what was invested in me and to do so in whatever way possible.”

• • • Michelle Myambo

International B.A. Program in Liberal Arts

“My original plan was to study law at Tel Aviv University”, but due to financial struggles Melisa could not attend. However, today, Melisa “couldn’t be more thankful: A TAU scholarship has given me the chance to pursue a degree I have longed for several years… I am eager to join the human rights and housing clinics at our law faculty and help others in their fight for justice.”

• • • Melisa Poiron

Second-year student, Buchman Faculty of Law

“My name is Ishay Ravina and I’m a student at the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music for a double first degree of both vocal and musicology studying…
After high school I decided I should keep developing in the field of music, by having a B. M. Mus from university. I highly thank you for this generous donation, which helps me a lot financially, especially in this challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

• • • Ishay Ravina

Buchman-Mehta School of Music

Did you know?

  • 68% of students work 98 hours/month on average

  • TAU faculty and staff are supporting the Emergency Student Aid programme through direct salary contributions

Eligible candidates for receiving aid from the proposed Fund will be students who:
  • Are enrolled in full-time degree studies at TAU

  • Have lost their jobs

  • Are having difficulties paying their tuition fees

  • Are at-risk for dropping out from their studies due to financial pressure

Please donate today to support Israel’s future leaders and innovators who urgently need your help

Pursuing the Unknown

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