A prince to the rescue

A nature enthusiast and an environmental activist, Albert II, Prince of Monaco will visit the campus and meet with TAU researchers

If you were disappointed not to get an invitation to the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan, you’ll now get your chance to meet a real, genuine prince at the TAU campus. Albert II, Prince of Monaco, who cares deeply about the environment in general, and marine ecology in particular, will meet senior TAU officials and students when he receives his honorary doctorate this week. Brush up on your French and come greet the prince in person!

Modern day royalty

Albert II, the son of Princess Grace and Prince Rania III, was crowned Prince of Monaco in April of 2005. After his father, Prince Rania III, helped better the economy of Monaco, introduced a new constitution and established its status, his son was given the opportunity to devote time and resources to matters he loved. Ever since his youth he was drawn to nature, and in 2006 he became the only ruler of the country to visit the North Pole and set up a fund to protect the environment and raise awareness of global sustainability. In addition, he serves as an advisor to Orphans International, an organization that works to educate orphaned and abandoned children.

From Tel Aviv to Monte Carlo and back

Tel Aviv University and the Principality of Monaco cooperate in various fields. The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation aims to establish cross-border cooperation and introduce new activities in high priority areas, including the Earth’s poles, developing countries and the Mediterranean basin.

Last December, a delegation from Tel Aviv University, led by President Joseph Klafter, arrived in Monaco for a gala event on environmental issues, smart city development and ecology, in cooperation with Prince Albert II, in which the issues discussed were high on the agenda of both countries. Alternative energy sources, protection of biodiversity and stopping the alarming phenomenon of desertification by wise management of water resources, among other topics.

Albert II, Prince of Monaco with Prof. Joseph Klafter, President of TAU
Albert II, Prince of Monaco with Prof. Joseph Klafter, President of TAU

Honorary Doctorate

On June 12, an honorary doctorate from Tel Aviv University will be awarded to Prince Albert II. He will participate in a series of events and will meet with senior officials and researchers at the university as well as students.

“The title is given to the prince in recognition of his deep commitment to protecting the environment for future generations, promoting cooperation in solving problems of climate, water and ecological diversity, his warm ties with the Jewish community in Monaco, and his longstanding friendship with Israel and the Jewish people,” said Prof. Klafter.

The ceremony will take place on Tuesday June 12th, 2018, at the Porter Building for Environmental Studies, at 19:00.

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