Better together: Geese couples at TAU Valentine’s Day Tel Aviv University decided to find out the story behind the geese pairs often spotted roaming the campus

How do you like to spend Valentine’s Day? A romantic dinner, a movie date, or maybe a weekend somewhere quiet and remote? If you’re looking for inspiration on how to surprise your significant other this year, we would suggest taking a cue from the geese who’ve been spotted roaming the Tel Aviv University campus.

Always in sets of two, these feathery creatures have been making the best of what the university has to offer. Students have been photographing them strolling by the pool at the Sports Center, taking in the architecture, enjoying sunshine on the lawns, and even making friends with the local feline population. 

In honor of Valentine’s Day TAU decided to consult Dr. Ron Elazari, head of The I. Meier Segals Garden for Zoological Research and ask him about romance among waterfowl and how these geese first arrived on campus.

“There’s a group of Egyptian geese who live in the Yarkon river and occasionally drop by the Tel Aviv University campus, including the lawns and facilities at the sports center,” said Dr. Elazari. “It’s not just one couple, they sometimes land in groups here at the Zoological Garden. The largest group we’ve seen was 24 geese. But they do usually walk around as male-female couples, even when they arrive in a group. The male has a larger, more “square” head, which you can also see in these photos.”

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