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With a wide variety of scholarship campaigns all in critical need of your support, we are proud that TAU’s student body mirrors the diversity of Israeli society including Ethiopian Israelis, Israeli Arabs, Ultra-Orthodox, single mothers, residents of low socio-economic cities and towns, and Ukrainian refugees who have found a new home in the heart of Israel.

Many students are only able to access higher education through financial assistance from TAU, and your generous support. In these challenging times, Israel’s future leaders and innovators need your urgent help so that they in turn can help shape a bright and optimistic future for our nation

In these challenging times, Israel’s future leaders and innovators, need your urgent help


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Scholarship Stories

From the Patriarch to the Mossad: Learning About Israel on the Inside

“Tel Aviv University has the best practical security program. It is also based in Tel Aviv, which is a technological hub, developing some of the latest solutions for the security field.  Combined, these two factors give TAU’s Security and Diplomacy Program a clear competitive edge.”

Combating Stigmas, Helping Others Thrive

“My ultimate goal is to raise mental health awareness and help people in the Israeli-Ethiopian community, where the subject is taboo,” says Bogala, who recently finished her first year of a bachelor’s degree, double-majoring in psychology and English literature.  

“Without the scholarship, I don’t think I would be able to pursue my degree as effectively as I can now and live so close to the University campus, which makes a difference,” says Bogala, who is originally from Yavne, a city south of Tel Aviv.

From City of God to the Holy Land

“Without the scholarship, I wouldn’t be in Israel because I would not be able to afford the rent or tuition,” she says.

“To give a scholarship to someone is like to [plant] a tree that has roots and branches,” she continues.

“The day I received my scholarship was a very important moment in my life. Maybe through me, other lives can be changed, too.”

Nursing People through Hard Times

The Business of Balagan: Global MBA Propels Student’s Career

“Studying at TAU and living in Israel would not have been possible without the generosity of people who donate scholarships,” Rozen says.

”I, for one, and many other students wouldn’t be here without this help.”

From EMT to MIT: Shai Zilberzwige-Tal’s Fast-Track Journey in Life Sciences

Forging a Brighter Future through Caring

“Their support isn’t just limited to the duration of time at the University; it’s personally meaningful and can change the whole life of the person who receives it,” Giorgis says.

“They enabled me to focus on my studies in peace without worrying about the financial side of things.” 

An Unexpected Fit: From Yeshiva to TAU Law School

“With the help of the Program and its dedicated director Galia Givoly, I was able to successfully navigate the enrolment process and prepare for law studies at TAU,” Ben Zeev said.

“I want to become a lawyer and give back to society, which will be possible with the help of these wonderful programs

A Rising Star in STEM and Social Engagement

Mexican Archaeologist Aspires to Bridge Countries, Cultures

Bringing Healthy Smiles to the Ultra-Orthodox Community

Scholarship Helps Student Balance Top Internship with Graduate Studies

“A True Chance to Follow My Dream”

“The Dina Lev Scholarship gave me space to really focus on my studies, otherwise it would have been extremely difficult to raise children alongside demanding studies and a full-time job,” said Sonnenfeld.

“TAU gave me a true chance to follow my dream,” she enthuses. 

Pursuing the Unknown

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