First TAU Alumni meeting in Germany

Tel Aviv University alumni living in Germany gathered together for a first networking event that took place as part of the Berlin Science Week

The Tel Aviv University alumni organization has set itself the goal of reconnecting with alumni who live abroad in 2019, and for this purpose the first meeting of alumni living in Germany took place. The event was held as part of the Berlin Science Week and in cooperation with the German Friends of TAU Association. The central speaker was Nirit Bialer, alumna of the TAU Security & Diplomacy studies program, who is involved in business development for Israeli companies, including Elbit, in Germany, and the initiator of the “Home” project, which presents the different aspects of contemporary Israeli culture to the residents of Berlin. Sigalit Ben Hayoun, Head of the Tel Aviv University alumni organization, said: “A comprehensive poll was, in which more than 3,000 alumni participated, showed that most alumni are interested in networking – not only in Israel but around the world. That’s why we are launching face-to-face meetings with our alumni in various locations around the world, and Germany is an important target in light of the large number of Israelis living here. I am happy for the warm responses we received”. It should be noted that a unique part of the meeting was devoted to the Berlin Science Week under the title “From Biblical Research to Climate Change: The Power of Interdisciplinary Research”, with TAU researchers who came to Berlin for this purpose: Prof. Oded Lipschits, a full professor in the TAU Department of Archeology, Dr. Rachel Sarig, MD, PhD in Medicine and Anthropology. A faculty member at the TAU School of Dental Medicine, and Prof. Colin Price, a full professor in the TAU Department of Geophysics. Among the alumni in attendance were Amos Geva, producer, Ido Mizrahi, Marketing Manager at Biotronik Berlin, Isabel Gethoff, producer, and many more. Other participants included Yael Regev, Director of Development and Public Affairs at Tel Aviv University, Tzipi Roitman, Lay Leader of the German Friends of TAU Association, Reinhard Renger of the TAU Friends and alumni Association in Germany, and Ilanit Kessel. Germany, Austria and Switzerland Liaison in Tel Aviv University’s Department of External Relations. View the event’s Photo album on our Facebook page>  Photography: Nikita Pavlov  

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