Israel’s largest contemporary art fair to be held at TAU

Freshpaint 9, the country’s most influential art event of the year, will take place between March 28th and April 1st

Featured image: Caroline Larsen, Mount Everest, 2012, oil on Canvas
Freshpaint is Israel’s largest contemporary art event. Now in its 9th year, the fair brings together artists, art lovers, designers and anyone interested in the field. A visit to the fair gives an up-to-date glance at what’s happening in the Israeli art world, as well as an opportunity to purchase the works of leading contemporary artists.

Fresh paint

Each year, a different location is chosen to host the fair. In 2017 it will be held at the new building of The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History right here, at Tel Aviv University. The Museum is expected to open to the public this summer, so Freshpaint 9 will be your first opportunity to take a peak at the new building, before it’s filled with the artifacts and exhibitions. Once open, The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History is expected to become the first and only institution of its kind in Israel. 

As every year, the fair will feature the Secret Postcard Project, the fair’s leading social project and the Freshpaint Salon, a framework for intersections of art and culture. Over the weekend the fair will host art workshops for children. 

Taste of what’s in store for visitor’s at Freshpaint 9:


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