Makeathon projects offer new solutions to problems of old age

At the Makeathon Age 3.0 event engineers, produced new projects that could help the elderly

On January 10th the Iby and Aladar Fleischman Faculty of Engineering hosted a unique event where young engineers from all over the country worked on coming up with technological solutions to the problems faced by elderly people. The event was produced by the TAU Engineering Alumni Association, in collaboration with other partners.
During the Makeathon, fifteen teams worked for 48 hours on finding technological solutions for common problems we all tend to face as get older, such as difficult bending over, seeing clearly and remaining stable and upright. For the duration of the event 150 engineers, programmers, designers, medical professionals and seniors themselves worked together to identify the most crucial problems and try to develop simple, revolutionary solutions. A panel of judges picked out the winning projects, with were rewarded with funding so development could continue in a professional lab setting. A better way to put on your pants Team 14, called “Far Reach”, developed a trouser-aid system for people who have difficulty bending over due to back problems. This form of disability prevents them from performing simple everyday tasks, such as putting on pants painlessly. The project won first prize at the Makeathon and a grant of NIS 7,000 for further development. ​ The "Far Reach" Team and the panel of judges The “Far Reach” team with the panel of judges. The second place was won by a team of 12, who developed accessories for women suffering from Parkinson’s disease and experiencing a sharp drop in vision. The project won a NIS 5,000 development grant. Third place was occupied by a team of 15, which developed a mechanism to help with zippers for people with a disability in one of their hands – whether from a stroke or for any reason. The project won a grant of NIS 3,000.  

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