Prof. Nili Cohen to receive Israel Prize in Law

Prof. emeritus of TAU’s Buchmann Faculty of Law will receive the prestigious award this spring

The Israeli Minister of Education has announced that Prof. Nili Cohen, of The Buchmann Faculty of Law, will receive the Israel Prize in Law for her lifelong, groundbreaking work in the field.

Prof. Cohen’s received her undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degrees at Tel Aviv University and has served as a teacher and researcher at TAU since the 1970s. She was always a very popular professor, who taught many generations of students and received the rector’s award for excellence in teaching several times.

Prof. Cohen’s academic work focused on contract law, tort law and a new field she de facto established – law and literature. As a student, she was a founding member of the Buchmann Faculty of Law’s academic journal.

Between 1994 and 1997 she served as the vice rector of Tel Aviv University and then between 1997-2001 as the university’s rector. Since 2004 she’s been a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences, and since 2015 she’s served as the president of the Academy and has helped shape academic research in Israel in general and the study of law in particular.

“The strength of Prof. Cohen’s research is her willingness to examine and break through boundaries. Her rich academic writing explores the ways literature and law are intertwined, as well as the divide between the private and the public, the law and morality.” 


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