TAU $1 billion Capital Campaign poised to spark new pursuits, big ideas and positive change

“The Business of Ideas”

Being in the “business of ideas” means that Tel Aviv University has to remain competitive and inventive, especially globally, said TAU President Joseph Klafter at the opening of the 2017 Board of Governors meeting. “We need to continually rethink and refresh our methods,” he stressed. “We need to ask ourselves, ‘What’s a good idea, what do we do with it, and how do we generate more?’”

Referring to the University’s $1 billion Capital Campaign launched last year, Prof. Klafter said that producing world-changing ideas re-quires considerable human and material resources. “We need to expand opportunities for fresh thinking right now – when the university and the city of Tel Aviv are riding an unprecedented wave of innovation.

“Our Governors and Friends are fantastic partners in this effort,”

Prof. Klafter enthused. He expressed special thanks to the Campaign leadership, all major supporters of TAU: Ms. Dafna Meitar-Nechmad of Israel, the Capital Campaign Co-Chair, and the nine members of the Campaign Cabinet from all over the world.

Preparing for the next stage

“We need to be prepared for the next stage, next challenges and next generations,” said TAU Governor Ms. Meitar-Nechmad, an alumna and benefactor of TAU’s Buchmann Faculty of Law and co-founder of its Institute of Law and Philanthropy. She noted that TAU’s strengths and needs were organized into 5 priority growth areas within the campaign: Israeli Global Edge, Sustainable Planet, Stronger Society, Health & Wellness, and Cultural Assets.

Ms. Meitar-Nechmad called on the 300-strong au-dience to spread word of the campaign and share leads for potential new friends and supporters. “Nothing can be done alone,” she em-phasized, “especially when it comes to philanthropy, and nothing is more impor-tant than education.”

Bridging between pursuit and results 

Chairman of the TAU Board of Governors Prof. Jacob A. Frenkel pointed out that “The Campaign bridges between the University’s pur-suit of the unknown on the one hand, and the future of our research, teaching and social responsibility on the other.”

He said that, in an era when facts are sometimes grasped as subjec-tive, “science is science is science. The University is the producer and protector of basic science and of critical reasoning, as much in the humanities as in the exact sciences.” Prof. Frenkel lauded the generous donors – many of whom were honored during the Board proceedings – for supporting major projects in the areas of basic research, techno-logical innovation and cultural heritage.

Dr. Giora Yaron, Chairman of the TAU Executive Council, con-cluded the First Assembly with an overview of TAU’s activities in technology transfer and key contribution to the startup ecosystem in Israel.

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