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Tel Aviv Conference: “The Future of Israel”

June 16, 2024 |

Will Israel’s 76th year be remembered as a crisis or an opportunity for growth?

June 19th, 2024Smolarz Auditorium, Tel Aviv University

The surprise attack on October 7th marked one of Israel’s toughest wars. This crisis has deeply impacted every aspect of citizens’ lives. How can we address internal divisions and global challenges as we move forward? The Tel Aviv Conference: Israel’s Future aims to tackle these questions, bringing together diverse perspectives to chart a path forward for Israeli society.

The “Tel Aviv Conference: Israel’s Future” is an initiative by TAU aimed to deeply discus these critical issues during these challenging times. Emphasizing where Israeli society stands today and what can be done to propel it forward, the conference seeks to expand and deepen the dialogue, drawing on relevant research and the multidisciplinary perspective characteristic of the university’s work. It aims to foster an open discussion involving representatives from various sectors of Israeli society and its leadership. The conference will include plenary sessions and roundtable discussions focusing on social, political, security, and economic aspects crucial to Israel’s future.

Join us for a conference that will host decision-makers, security experts, policy and international relations specialists, researchers, and cultural and intellectual figures in special interviews, lectures, panels, and discussions: President of Tel Aviv University, Prof. Ariel Porat, Israel’s Police Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai,  Former general and leader of Israel’s National Unity party Benny Gantz, the State Comptroller and Ombudsman of the State of Israel Matanyahu Englman, German Ambassador to Israel Steffen Rüdiger Seibert, CEO of Facebook (Meta) Israel Adi Soffer Teeni, former IDF deputy chief of staff and newly elected Labor Party leader Yair Golan, Chairman of the Ra’am party Dr. Mansour Abbas, Former Head of the Military Intelligence Directorate of the Israel Defense Forces Aharon Ze’evi Farkash & Former Commander of the Israel National Defense College and Military Academies Yossi Baidatz.

*The conference will be held in Hebrew.

**The number of places is limited and entry requires prior registration.

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