The Alumni Scholarship Global Campaign

We are turning to you to ask you, for the first time, to join TAU’s Global Alumni Campaign.

This joint, global effort is taking place in Israel and around the world, and aims to raise £775,000, (equivalent to $1 million), in hope to provide 300 scholarships for students in financial need.

The TAU Alumni Campaign is part of a broader Global Campaign being run by the University, the aim of which is to raise $1 billion in ten years – with the goal of accelerating new and exciting breakthroughs and deepening academic excellence

As Tel Aviv University Alumni, you can make a difference in the lives of others. A donation of £50 or more can make a big difference and is a wonderful way of giving back to the University and to society as a whole.

With your help, and that of your fellow Alumni, we will be able to positively influence the life trajectory of 300 talented students – and thereby enable them to generate the next big idea to Improve the quality of life across the globe.

Undergraduate Scholarships: Need-Based Support

Target students with serious financial difficulties, such as new immigrants, single parents, minority groups, students with physical disabilities and others.

Pursuing the Unknown

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