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Since October 7, the people of Israel have been living a nightmare. Our hearts go out to the communities and families affected. We pray for the recovery of the thousands of physically and psychologically injured in hospitals across the country and for the speedy return of the kidnapped and the missing.

Thank you to our friends who have already asked how they can help. 
Tel Aviv University is mobilizing resources for our students, researchers, and faculty called for reserve duty. Those left behind are working to support our students and communities impacted by the attacks, and to meet their needs, we have launched the TAU Emergency Fund.

Amid this horror, Tel Aviv University’s National Center for Traumatic Stress and Resilience and our Student Psychological Services are on the ground, providing support to anyone in need, virtually or in person.

Please help us achieve our goal to send £500,000 to Israel 
on 31 December . All support is meaningful.

Thank you.

Tel Aviv University’s Emergency Fund

This Fund will be used to meet the following urgent needs:

  • Psychological services for students and community members suffering from trauma
  • Financial aid for students from Israel’s conflict zones
  • Combat solider scholarships for reservists called to active duty
  • Funding for academic tutoring for both returning combat and regular students

TAU On the Frontlines

The TAU community is near paralyzed with grief but moving forward to help in every way we can. At present, the TAU community in Israel is mobilizing in several ways, including:

  • Opening TAU dormitories to families from southern Israel (Ashdod, Sderot, and more) who have been displaced by the attacks.
  • Medical and Dental faculty are on the front lines working to identify bodies to be reunited with their families.
  • Staff and students from the departments of Psychology, Social Work and beyond are running a 24/7 in-person and virtual crisis service.
  • Students from the South will receive scholarships when school resumes.

Please Support our TAU Emergency Fund.
Thank you.

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