• 13 March 2019

    13 March 2019

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by supporting the next generation of students at Tel Aviv University.

Every contribution to this Campaign will go towards full or partial scholarships for talented students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

It’s often said that Israel’s greatest natural resource is the brain-power of its people — but the skills needed for leadership don’t just happen. They are carefully shaped and nourished by a first-rate education.

That’s why TAU graduates and faculty can be found at the helm of Israel’s leading companies, in the top echelons of public service, and on the cutting edge of science and technology. And why your contribution today will have such an important impact on tomorrow, helping to forge the leaders of the next generation.

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University for a night

13 March 2019


Starry TAU Nights continues ...

Join us to engage with Israel’s Brightest Minds

  • Featuring 4 TAU star faculty
  • Invitation to follow
  • Hosted by Rothschild & Co
  • To be held at a central London location


Night at the Movies

June 6th, 2019

Starry TAU Nights continues ...

Join us for an evening featuring a selection of award-winning short films by students from Tel Aviv University’s world-renowned The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television

TAU 2018 Annual Gala

12-12 December, 2018

Tel Aviv University invites you to a special international event honoring



and their commitment to technology, education, health and Israel


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A Network of Alumni

The Tel Aviv University UK alumni group was created as a platform for alumni who live in the UK to meet and network with other alumni and serve as a business and social network.

Founded in 2010, the group already has over 200 members and continues to grow. You can also connect to our facebook group.

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Third Annual China Israel Innovation Forum held in Shenzen

Third Annual China Israel Innovation Forum held in Shenzen

An elite group of Israeli and Chinese researchers, business leaders and policy makers discussed cooperation and unveiled a new center Tel Aviv University, in partnership with Tsinghua University and Morningside from Hong Kong, held the third annual China Israel Innovation Forum (CIIF) in Shenzhen on November 30-December 1, 2018.(...)

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Breast Cancer Recruits Bone Marrow Cells to Increase Cancer Cell Proliferation

Breast Cancer Recruits Bone Marrow Cells to Increase Cancer Cell Proliferation

Cancer-associated fibroblasts are derived from bone marrow cells called mesenchymal stromal cells, TAU researchers say Tel Aviv University researchers have discovered that breast cancer tumors boost their growth by recruiting stromal cells that originate in bone marrow.(...)

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New “map” of inner ear could help solve hearing loss

Understanding the expression of and controlling the genes involved in hearing are milestone discoveries, TAU researchers say Epigenetics is the expression and control of genes. The epigenetics involved in the inner ear is a critical part of the mystery of hearing. A team led by Prof. Karen B.(...)

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Study at TAU

Welcome to Tel Aviv University International

Ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime in a city where ancient history meets cutting-edge innovation? TAU International offers English-taught programs that give you access to the best of TAU’s top-tier academics and provides close connections to institutions and companies in Israel and worldwide. You’ll be able to enjoy all of this in the heart of Tel Aviv, the Mediterranean city that never stops.

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