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Who is building Israel’s future? YOU ARE…by supporting the next generation of students at Tel Aviv University.

Every contribution to this Campaign will go towards full or partial scholarships for talented students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

It’s often said that Israel’s greatest natural resource is the brain-power of its people — but the skills needed for leadership don’t just happen. They are carefully shaped and nourished by a first-rate education.
That’s why TAU graduates and faculty can be found at the helm of Israel’s leading companies, in the top echelons of public service, and on the cutting edge of science and technology. And why your contribution today will have such an important impact on tomorrow, helping to forge the leaders of the next generation.

Certificates in honour or memory of a loved one

When you commemorate a special or solemn occasion with a donation to Tel Aviv University, you honour the recipient with a unique gift — a gift that expresses your passion for scholarship and the joy of learning.

  • Celebrate a birthday or anniversary with a donation in honour of a friend or loved one.
  • Pay tribute to someone who has passed away with a gift in his or her memory.

We’ll send a certificate to whomever you designate indicating that you have made a commemorative gift to Tel Aviv University.
Your thoughtfulness will be greatly appreciated.

Every gift — no matter what the size — helps the University continually expand its ground-breaking teaching and research activities, and ensure equal accessibility to our study programs for students from a diverse array of backgrounds. By making a gift to TAU, you join thousands of donors from across the globe who are together making a substantial contribution to the future of not only Tel Aviv University, but the State of Israel itself.

Ways to give

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Be remembered as someone who made a difference.

A legacy can help us in so many ways.

By leaving a gift in your will to Tel Aviv University you are, in turn, supporting Israel’s greatest natural resource, its people, and as a result will help bring Israel to the forefront of the global contribution to Medicine, Arts, Science and Technology and enable scientists and researchers to continue their ground breaking research.

A legacy can help us in so many ways.  It can ensure that long into the future you will have played your part in supporting students through much needed scholarships.  Or it can help by allowing countless ground-breaking scientific discoveries to be made for the benefit of humanity through supporting research.    

If you would like to discuss making a legacy gift to Tel Aviv University, we would be delighted to discuss some options with you. We recommend that you also seek professional advice if you do decide to leave a gift in your Will. 

By making us aware of your intentions we will be able to answer your specific questions and it is also important to us to be able to thank you and acknowledge your generosity during your lifetime. 

Your gift will make a difference.  Please consider leaving a lasting legacy to TAU.

TAU’ Global Campaign


Four areas where you can make the biggest difference

By partnering with TAU’s Global Campaign, donors can spark curiosity and initiate exciting pursuits so that the next creative, disruptive ideas benefiting the world will come out of TAU and Israel.

Welcome to the City of Big Ideas. Welcome to Tel Aviv University’s Global Campaign.

Sixty years since the University’s founding, we find ourselves at a turning point in history. TAU has established itself as an influential institution that consistently ranks among the world’s best. But we’ve only started to tap our potential.

We have the talent – committed, ingenious students and faculty from all disciplines who pursue out-of-the-box thinking.

The Global Campaign is the means to their success. Donations will provide our researchers and students with modern, spacious, state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and resources that will inspire curiosity and nourish brilliance. 

We can pursue these goals incrementally as we have for the past 60 years, or give the University a billion dollar boost to realize its change-making role in just one decade.

International Reach

TAU Aim:

To quickly and substantially upgrade TAU’s global positioning and ability to forge high-level programs with prominent overseas institutions.


  • Will bolster the prestige of TAU and Israel as an academic destination and partner.
  • Will ramp up academic exchange between the donor’s home university and Israel, bringing recognition in his/her community and in Israel.
  • Will support the Israeli government’s goal of making Israel a magnet for outstanding international students.
  • Will help counter the BDS movement.

Current Statistics

  • 2,100 international students annually from over 100 countries
  • 30,000 international alumni worldwide
  • 17 master’s and 3 undergraduate degree programs taught in English
  • Cooperation agreements with over 280 institutions in 46 countries
  • €150 million in European research funding, supporting 144 projects
  • Ranks 4th among Europe’s research institutions for winning ERC Young Investigator grants

Latest Developments

  • TAU and Columbia University launched a dual BA degree in liberal arts – the first ever undergraduate partnership between an Ivy League institution and an Israeli university.
  • Through a $5 million donor-supported initiative, scientists from TAU, Stanford University and University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) have joined forces to research neurodegenerative and rare diseases.
  • TAU signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with National University of Singapore for quantum science and technology research.
  • TAU’s international Cyber Week attracted over 8,000 participants from 80 countries. Now, we hope for the same success with AI Week.

Donor Opportunities:

New Paths to Discovery

TAU Aim:

To enable the very best researchers from widely differing fields to dream, question, explore and rethink our world ­– together. Interdisciplinary studies today are the bedrock for life-changing inventions tomorrow.


  • Will support Israel and the Jewish people’s biggest strength – the mind.
  • Will deepen understanding of multi-dimensional & universal problems that require broad expertise and out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Will nurture Israel’s next generation of scientific risk-takers and thought leaders.
  • Will reinforce the centrality of the humanities and critical thinking in academia and beyond.

Current Statistics

  • 31 interdisciplinary schools
  • 400 advanced laboratories
  • 12,750 master’s and doctoral students – 45% of total student body
  • $220 million in external, competitive research grant funding annually
  • TAU ranks 1st in Israel among research universities according to the prestigious QS, Times and Taiwan rankings.

Latest Developments

  • TAU held the world’s first live international Twitter conference on biology from any angle, including the arts, in February 2020.
  • Due to the tremendous success of its Humanities in Engineering Program, the Mandel Foundation expanded it this year with a $2.5 million gift to include honors students from Exact Sciences and Life Sciences. 
  • TAU launched the Center for Quantum Science and Technology, bringing together 20 research groups from across the sciences and engineering.

Donor Opportunities

Real-World Impact

TAU Aim:

To ensure that R&D conducted on campus continues to be translated into real-world products and services benefiting Israel and the world.

What’s in it for donors?

  • Will secure the future of our children.
  • Will transform lab discoveries into cures, diagnostics, anti-pollution devices, renewable fuels, defense technologies, electronics and more.
  • Will support vital Israeli national priorities and help maintain the country’s global edge.
  • Will increase TAU and Israel’s practical contribution to universal crises such as disease, natural disasters, sustainability and security.
  • Will spin off companies and create jobs, thereby strengthening the national economy.

Current Statistics

  • 60 active start-up companies
  • Over 70 industrial partners
  • Ranks 1st in Israel for US patents (2018 NAI & IPO)
  • 8th among the top 10 schools globally for producing successful, VC-backed founders of companies (Pitchbook 2019)
  • The City of Tel Aviv ranks 6th globally for its startup ecosystem out of 150 cities (2019 Startup Genome)

Latest Developments

  • Seven of 12 Israeli inventions and companies cited by the Times of Israel as changing the world in the last decade originated with TAU professors and alumni. These include Waze, Iron Dome, SpaceIL moonshot, Mobileye and the first-ever 3D printed live heart.
  • TAU launched the $3.5 million Adama Center for Novel Delivery Systems in Crop Protection, donated by an Israeli agrochemical firm.
  • TAU’s BLAVATNIK CENTER for Drug Discovery won a government grant to develop a heart-repairing drug for cardiac patients together with Ichilov Hospital.
  • Fighting global warming! A TAU greenhouse gas-removing method will be developed jointly with a Michigan gas company under the US-Israel Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Energy program.

Donor Opportunities

Stronger Society

TAU Aim:

To strengthen TAU as Israel’s academic leader in social responsibility and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), both at home and abroad.


  • Will advance the basic Jewish value of tzedaka (charity).
  • Will directly benefit specific causes or groups that a donor passionately supports: children, at-risk youth, disabled, elderly, new immigrants, women, peace groups, etc.
  • Will pull underrepresented groups in Israel into the cycle of elite higher education, innovation and economic mobility.
  • Will instill in TAU students – Israel’s future leaders – active social commitment and a drive for social justice.

Current Statistics:

  • 1,350 students are partnering this year with over 150 organizations to conduct meaningful community projects.
  • The number of Israeli-Arab students rose from 2,300 in 2014 to over 3,400 in 2019 – a 50% rise in enrolment over five years.
  • Ethiopian-Israeli students at TAU rose by 300% since the mid-2000s.
  • Approximately 1,800 students with special needs are enrolled in units across the TAU campus.

Latest Developments:

  • Youth University moved into its own home at the Check Point Building.
  • The Steinhardt Museum welcomed 200,000 visitors in its initial year.
  • The city of Dimona and the Tamar Local Council (Ein Gedi) joined TAU’s “Academic Cities Program, integrating university-level online courses into their high school curriculum.
  • The $1 million Neubauer Fellowship Fund is providing 10 PhD fellowships per year to Israeli-Arabs in STEM fields.

Donor Opportunities

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