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TAU’s Uniform to University Fund

Tel Aviv University has launched the Uniform to University Campaign. At Tel Aviv University Trust , we are compelled to make it financially possible for these young heroes to continue their studies and receive crucially needed mental health support.

Over 6,000 Tel Aviv University students have been called to serve in the reserves. As Israelis look towards what is next, TAU’s reservist students, too, will need to transition back to the studies and lives they put on hold to defend their country.

Their true calling is to become professionals, scientists and leaders, driving innovation and discovery in Israel and globally.

Uniform to University Scholarships and Financial Aid

These much-needed scholarships ensure that our returning students have the academic and financial assistance they need to return to their labs and classrooms after many difficult months away.

Uniform to University PTSD and Mental Health Programs and Research

Tel Aviv University’s focus on PTSD and mental health, managed by our newly launched National Center for Traumatic Stress and Resilience, combines research, training, and intervention in the field of post-trauma and related mental health disorders. Your support allows us to provide immediate therapeutic responses to as many students, faculty and members of the TAU community as possible.

To read more about the campaign, click here.

Help them complete their studies and fulfill their hopes and dreams.