TAU Webinar Series

Digital Heaven or Hell?

The Future of Our Data-Driven World

The “Data-fied” Self – Health and Happiness in the Digital Age

Prof. Noam Shomron, Sackler Faculty of Medicine
Big Data’s Role in the Future of Medicine
Dr. Galit Wellner, Entin Faculty of Humanities
My Data, My Identity
Prof. Karen B. Avraham, Vice Dean, Sackler Faculty of Medicine

Thursday, 09 November, 2021
16:30 – 17:20 (LONDON)

For more information, contact events@tau-trust.co.uk

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The 'Data-fied" Self-Health and Happiness in the Digital age webinar registration

The webinar will take place via Zoom on 09/12/2021 from 16:30-17:30 (London time)

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