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2021 London Design Biennale Medal Winners

The Boiler Room @ London Design Biennale
2021 Public Medal Winner

TAU’s School of Architecture design of the Israeli Pavilion at the 2021 London Design Biennale has won the Public Medal, chosen by thousands of visitors who voted for their favourite installation from over 35 Pavilions and exhibitions at the festival.

TAU Trust applauds the design team from TAU’s David Azrieli School of Architecture who, despite the pandemic, persevered and saw their design through to the end – bringing home the Public Medal.

 The 2021 London Design Biennale was the first in person international festival to return to the UK after more than a year, having been postponed from 2020 itself. TAU Trust was proud to support the Israeli design team, a talented and imaginative group of young designers whose bright futures lay ahead of them. KOL HAKAVOD!

The Israeli Pavilion was a multi-sensory experience called ‘The Boiler Room’, made from 2,500 hashtagged boiler switches, that represent the boiling discourse and the tensions between what is global and what is national, and where people from all over the world can interact with each other’s opinions both digitally and personally. 

Amplifying Echoes: Dynamics and contradictions of the hyperconnected world

The digital trends of the last decade, social networks and the pandemic have all contributed to the multiplication of virtual platforms for social interaction, creating opportunities for debate and for the sharing of information. At the same time, hyperconnectivity appears to be amplifying an interesting process of polarisation. In this Session, the speakers below look at the dynamics and paradoxes of the web, and how they translate into the physical world. Speakers: Lior Kantor, The David Azrieli School of Architecture, Tel Aviv University, and Roi Levin, HQ Architects (TAU alumni). Chaired by: Gianfranco Chicco, Head of Content and Digital, London Design Biennale.

The 2021 London Design Biennale

Established in 2016 by Sir John Sorrell CBE and Ben Evans CBE, London Design Biennale promotes international collaboration and the global role of design with exhibitions and installations that “demonstrate the ambition to create universal solutions to problems which concern us all.”

Taking over Somerset House, participants will respond to the theme, Resonance, which considers the ripple effect of ground-breaking design concepts on the way we live, and the choices we make.

“It has been an incredibly difficult year for the industry, but this programme will bring us together as an international community to reflect and collaborate on the challenges that lie ahead”

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London