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Screening for TAU Alumni at the Israeli Embassy

The even showcased student films from TAU’s Steve Tisch School of Film and Television for TAU Alumni in collaboration with the Israeli House in London.

Event at a Glance:

  • Date: June 7th, 2018

  • Hosted by: The Embassy of Israel

  • Bar Alon – TAU Alumni introduced the Steve Tisch Film School as a new graduate and talked on the process of making a film.

  • In support of: Israeli House in London, The Ministry of Aliya and Immigrant Absorption

The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television

The Film and Television School offers many opportunities for developing proficiency in film and television production and for studying cinema history, cultural theories, and film criticism.

Major areas of specialization include:

1. Production – basic methods and concepts of film practice and a wide range of creative experiments in the fields of movie-making and television.

2. Aesthetic history of cinema, film criticism, and theories of textual analysis.

3. The inter-relations between the visual media, society, politics, and cultural systems.

4. The art of script writing and practical application of the script in film and television productions.

5. Knowledge, orientation, and hands-on practice in Digital Media and in their incorporation into film and television production.



Event Photos