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TAU Trust and UK Jewish Film collaboration!

Europe’s biggest Jewish Film Festival enjoyed a screening of Oscar nominated Director and Tel Aviv University Film School alumni’s powerful new film “Chained” on the sobering themes of sexual harassment and domestic violence. TAU Trust sponsored this collaborative event at the UK Jewish Film Festival. BBC broadcaster Nicola Christie hosted a Q&A with Director Yaron Shani who explained about his hyper-reality method working with non-professional actors his vision for the film using improvisation.

Yaron Shani is a graduate of Tel Aviv University Film Department. His debut feature length film Ajami (2009, co-created with Scandar Copti) was an Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Film; it has received a special distinction in Cannes, and dozens of Israeli and international awards. His latest work is critically acclaimed, and Chained is regarded as an exceptional film.

The film centres around Rashi, an idealistic and conscientious police officer, whose life is thrown into chaos when he is accused of misconduct and he is suspended from duty. Rashi finds it increasingly difficult to keep things under control with mounting pressure at home and work. Join us for this gripping first instalment of Shani’s renowned trilogy.

  • Winner – Best Israeli Feature, Best Actor & Audience Award, Jerusalem Film Festival 2019
  • Nominated – Best Film, Best Director & Best Actor, Israeli Academy Awards 2019

“Chained has a corrosive power, and indeed the performers truly inhabit their roles.” – Variety

 “A powerful, often uncomfortable scrutiny of machismo given free rein through a policeman’s uniform, and a bleak picture of the meaning of love.” – Variety

Event at a Glance:

  • Date: 2019-11-16

  • Time: 20:30

Yaron Shani at the Q&A

Shani with TAU Trust UK: Avril Fleishman, Cara Case (CEO), Richard Anton (Chair), Ben Bar-Lev