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University for a Night 2019

We were delighted you were able to join us at our University for a Night.  We hope you enjoyed the special evening, hosted by Rothschild & Co, which featured some of TAU’s leading faculty including Dr Goren Gordon, Professor Zahava Solomon  and Professor Asher Susser and was facilitated by Professor Eli Talmor, Governor of TAU. Each one had a unique story to tell and we hope that in the short time you were exposed to their research, you were able to take something away with you. 

 We were delighted to welcome His Excellency Mark Regev, Ambassador of Israel to the UK, and to have with us Amos Elad, Vice President of TAU as well as many TAU Governors and trustees.

As mentioned on the evening there are numerous ways in which you can support TAU. If you would like to support the research from the faculty that presented at the event, you can do so through the following links:

If you would like to support students by providing a scholarship or are interested to find out how you can get involved in our global capital campaign, please contact us on 020 7446 8790, email or click here to donate online.

Thank you for your continued support and being “Part of the Next Big Idea”.

Event at a Glance:

  • Date: March 13th, 2019

  • Hosted by: Rothschild & Co

  • Lectures by leading Tel Aviv University star faculty

  • A wonderful opportunity to get a glimpse into the academic excellence at TAU

  • Light reception

The Speakers

Dr. Goren Gordon

Machine learning, Social robots, Curiosity assessment

Dr. Goren Gordon PhD, PhD MBA. Goren has six academic degrees, a BA, MSc and PhD in Quantum Physics, a BMSc, MBA and another PhD in Neurobiology.

He did his postdoc in MIT Media Lab’s Personal Robots Group. Goren is the head of the Curiosity Lab in Tel-Aviv University. He studies mathematical models of curiosity, implementing them in curious social robots and using them to assess and promote curiosity in children. Goren also developed Quantum Computer Games, has a teaching certificate from MIT and loves to dance and play role-playing and board games.

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Professor Zahava Solomon

Traumatic stress – psychological sequelae of the Holocaust

Prof.  Zahava Solomon has been an eminent trauma researcher for the past four decades. Her multifaceted longitudinal studies of combat veterans, Holocaust survivors and survivors of ongoing terror and their spouses and children are innovative, creative and highly unique.

Prof. Solomon severed in her former role as the Head of Research in Mental Health in the Israeli Defense Forces, Medical Corp. Lt. Col. (retired) . Her research also formed the basis for the documentary “Awake at Night”, to her being consulted and represented in Hatzufim, the Israeli series of Homeland, and she herself played a role in the Oscar nominated Israeli film, Waltz with Bashir. Prof. Solomon is currently the head of the Multidisciplinary Center of Excellence for Mass Trauma Research at Tel Aviv University.

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Professor Asher Susser

Modern Middle Eastern History

Professor Asher Susser is Professor Emeritus of Middle Eastern History at Tel Aviv University, was the Director of the Dayan Center for twelve years and taught for over thirty-five years at TAU. 

His research and teaching at TAU has focused on Modern Middle Eastern History, Religion and State in the Middle East and Arab-Israeli issues, with special reference to Jordan and the Palestinians.  He has written numerous books and his online course on the Emergence of the Modern Middle East has been taken by some 100,000 students in over 160 countries.

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Professor Eli Talmor

Master of Ceremonies and Governor of TAU

Professor Eli Talmor, Master of Ceremonies and Governor of TAU, spoke of the changes in TAU’s campus over the years, academically, socially and physically. Prof. Talmor screened some “Then & Now” pictures that showed what an important role TAU has in building the state of Israel.

He continued and elaborated on TAU’s president Professor Joseph Klafter’s contribution over the last ten years to making Tel Aviv University Israel’s largest and most influential institution of higher learning  

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Thank you!

We were delighted to host supporters from around the country to experience a taste of the academic excellence Tel Aviv University has to offer.”

TAU Trust Chief Executive Cara Case 

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Photo credit: Mart Photography- Tammy Kazhdan

Our Hosts

The University for a Night was held at the prestigious Rothschild & Co where three leading faculty from Tel Aviv University (TAU) shared with 150 guests their pioneering cross disciplinary research in their respective specialist fields ranging from politics of the Middle East and PTSD research to curiosity and robots.