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Cyberweek 2019

23 -27 June, 2019
Entering into its 9th year, Cyber Week is recognized as one of the top international cybersecurity conferences in the world.
Exploring the crucial intersection between industry, government and academia, Cyber Week provides an important forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas amongst cyber professionals. Learn best practices firsthand from industry leaders and innovators, and discover what the future holds for cyber.
Cyber Week is comprised of 5 days of over 50 world-class events with internationally acclaimed speakers from across the globe.


Cyber Week is hosted by the Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center at Tel Aviv University, in conjunction with the National Cyber Directorate at the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Each year, Cyber Week, attracts an increasing amount of top-tier leaders both in the commercial and governmental sectors. In 2018, over 8000 people from 80 countries attended the event, including; CEOs, CISO, C-level Executives, government representatives, diplomats, military personnel, academics, investors and startups.

50 Events including

  • 27 Conferences
  • 14 Roundtables
  • 5 Social events
  • 2 Workshops
  • 2 Competiions


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