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Tel Aviv University Emergency Fund: Students on IDF reserve duty to receive an initial grant of NIS 1,000

October 31, 2023 |

The money will help ease initial financial burdens.

Tel Aviv University announced that every student now serving as a reserve soldier in Operation Iron Swords will immediately receive a grant of NIS 1,000 ($250) from the University. An estimated 5,239 TAU students have been called up since war broke out on Oct. 7. All of them will receive the grant within the next few days as a mark of TAU’s appreciation for their service and to help ease their burden when they return to studies. TAU intends, moreover, to make substantial additional grants, especially for those serving in combat or combat-support units. TAU will also provide additional aid to students on reserve duty or those from the north and south of Israel who are now facing immediate financial problems.

Right at the beginning of the war, TAU established an Emergency Fund to relieve the economic burden of students, faculty members, and their families, and to assist evacuees and the wider community. The Fund is being supported generously by TAU donors from around the world, led by the Blavatnik Family Foundation.

As part of the Emergency Fund’s aid, TAU announced that students residing in the dormitories who were called up to reserve duty are exempt from rent payments for the months of October and November. TAU will also give out hundreds of scholarships to help with the rent payments of dorm residents who have not been called up, based on socioeconomic considerations.

TAU President Prof. Ariel Porat: “TAU is obligated to help its students who are personally impacted by the hardships of war. Naturally, first in line are students now on reserve duty, as well as students from the south and north of Israel who are encountering immediate financial difficulties. We are starting with a modest grant and intend to increase it later on. Beyond financial assistance, we will also offer academic support once the academic year begins. Our reserve soldiers and students affected by the war will not be left behind!”

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