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Education during wartime

May 22, 2024

Will Existing Drugs Stop Cancer’s Bone Spread?

May 19, 2024

How Do Lightning Storms Affect North Pole Sea Ice?

May 16, 2024

TAU Trip to the Gaza Envelope: Solemn, Yet Essential Experience

May 16, 2024

Antisemitism Worldwide Report for 2023

May 5, 2024

Israel at the Movies

May 5, 2024

The Center for Russian Studies at Tel Aviv University has begun its work

May 2, 2024

How Do We Commemorate the Holocaust in 2024?

April 30, 2024

Is the Heaviest Black Hole in Our Galaxy Closer Than We Think?

April 16, 2024

Heart Disease’s Cancer Link Unveiled

April 14, 2024

Berlin Architecture Workshop Unites Jewish and Arab TAU Students

April 10, 2024

Go Fish: Decline in Poleward-Moving Fish

April 4, 2024

Do Green Environments Help Heart Patients Live Longer?

April 4, 2024

TAU Receives $12.67M Grant for Medical Simulation Center

April 1, 2024

Prof. Hagit Messer-Yaron: Eco-Tech ‘Nobel’ in Electrical Engineering

March 28, 2024

Breaking the MedTech Glass Ceiling

March 26, 2024

Social Workers on the Frontlines

March 26, 2024

TAU’s Inside Woman at the UN

March 26, 2024

Prof. Ehud Gazit: Meitner-Humboldt Award Winner

March 20, 2024

Unlocking Quantum Mysteries with Pendula

March 17, 2024

Standing Alongside Our Students: President Herzog’s TAU Visit

March 7, 2024

Tree Planting Ceremony Honoring October 7th Victims: A Symbol of Remembrance and Hope

March 3, 2024

Tel Aviv University’s New Academic Integration Tracks Welcome Olim

March 3, 2024

Open Day at Tel Aviv University

February 25, 2024

Elevate Your Future with TAU’s Pioneering MSc Programs in Engineering

February 22, 2024

TAU Sets New Standards: Reservists Admitted Without Psychometric Exams

February 21, 2024

Exploring Responses to Challenges and Cultivating Collaborations

February 21, 2024

Revolutionizing Plant Cloning: Boosting Global Agriculture?

February 19, 2024

Are We Close to Ending Alzheimer’s Memory Loss?

February 15, 2024

How Does Science Make Us Fall in Love?

February 13, 2024

Could Restarting Change the Game for Chemical Research?

February 12, 2024

Strength in Diversity: 1 Out of Every 3 Reservists on Campus is a Woman

February 8, 2024

Unveiling the Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence at Tel Aviv University AI Day 2024

February 7, 2024

A Scientific Breakthrough That Will Help Increase Plant Yields in Dry Conditions

January 30, 2024

TAU’s Academic Term Officially Begins

January 21, 2024

Tel Aviv University Helps Make Case Before International Court of Justice

January 16, 2024

Tel Aviv University Marks 100 Days Since the Hamas Attack

January 15, 2024

Voices of Resilience and Hope Echo in Solidarity

January 14, 2024

University of Pennsylvania’s Solidarity Visit to Tel Aviv University

January 8, 2024

New Technology Interprets Archaeological Findings from Biblical Times

January 4, 2024

Tel Aviv University Urgently Launches a National PTSD Clinic for Civilians and Soldiers

December 25, 2023

Planning for Postwar Israel

December 24, 2023

Stand with Lone Soldiers on the Front Lines: Donate to Send Care Packages

December 21, 2023

Help Our Reservist Students Fulfill Their True Calling

December 21, 2023

New Findings About the Early Universe 50 Million Years After the Big Bang

December 19, 2023

“We Are Focusing on Ensuring Well-being and Safety”

December 17, 2023

Presenting an Accurate, Fact-based Picture of the Oct. 7th War

December 12, 2023

A Letter from VERA – Association of University Heads, Israel

December 7, 2023

About Half of Arab Israelis Believe IDF’s Response in Gaza Justified

December 5, 2023

First Academic Course on the Current War Launched at TAU for International Students

December 4, 2023

Promoting Volunteering among the Ultra-Orthodox during Wartime

November 30, 2023

Extending a Helping Hand to Farmers in Israel’s South

November 28, 2023

Ignoring the Sexual Violence of October 7 Endangers All Women

November 26, 2023

TAU Announces Second Round of Assistance for Every Student on Reserve Duty

November 21, 2023

International Admissions 2024/25 Now Open

November 21, 2023

45 Days into the War — An Update from the TAU President

November 20, 2023

Offering Support to Survivors of October 7th

November 15, 2023

‘We Need Some Light to Get Us out of the Dark We Have Been in Since October 7.’

November 13, 2023

Voices of TAU: “It is Important to Try to Change Public Opinion and to Talk about the Hostages”

November 9, 2023

Message from the University President Ariel Porat

November 9, 2023

Tel Aviv University calls academics around the world to join us in a univocal call for the immediate release of all hostages

November 1, 2023

A Letter from VERA – Association of University Heads, Israel

November 1, 2023

TAU International Students Unite to Combat Disinformation and Oppose Terror

November 1, 2023

From Classes in Tel Aviv to Farming Near Gaza

October 31, 2023

Tel Aviv University Emergency Fund: Students on IDF reserve duty to receive an initial grant of NIS 1,000

October 31, 2023

Open Letter by TAU International Students

October 31, 2023

TAU Professor Saves Brother’s Life in the Thick of Battle

October 26, 2023

Third Week to the War – An Update from the TAU President

October 22, 2023

Solidarity and Support from the International Academic Community

October 22, 2023

Disinformation regarding terror support

October 22, 2023

Exhibit at Tel Aviv University: UNITED AGAINST TERRORISM

October 19, 2023

TAU Opens Emergency Fund

October 19, 2023

Alleviating Nightmares of Israel’s War-Traumatized Children

October 19, 2023

The Academy Lights Israel Up

October 17, 2023

A Letter from VERA – Association of University Heads, Israel

October 16, 2023

War in Israel – New Update from the TAU President

October 12, 2023

Tel Aviv University Commemorates the Fallen Members of Our University Community

October 10, 2023

War in Israel – An Update from the TAU President

October 9, 2023

Impact of the Constitutional Overhaul on National Resilience in Israel

September 11, 2023

Tel Aviv University ranked first outside the USA in the number of unicorns established by alumni

August 16, 2023

Head of Science at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Meets TAU’s Scientific Community

August 2, 2023

Destroying Cancer: new drug delivery system containing RNA therapy can target cancer cells in bone marrow

July 30, 2023

Stress Makes Vaccines Less Effective

July 26, 2023

Barbie Buzz: Mattel CEO Shares Branding Wisdom with Tel Aviv University Students

July 23, 2023

Unearthing Ancient Intelligence

July 23, 2023

Researchers Produce Highly Efficient, Low-cost “Green” Hydrogen

July 17, 2023

Researchers Induce Cancer Cell “Suicide”

July 16, 2023

Metabolomics – A New Frontier in Preventive Medicine

July 13, 2023

Older Bats do Suffer from Age-related Hearing Loss

July 13, 2023

One Third of Normal-Weight Individuals are Obese

July 12, 2023

Operation Guardian of the Walls: Women, Young People and Residents of the South Paid the Heaviest Price

July 12, 2023

Due to Climate Change, More Animals will Become Extinct Outside of Nature Reserves than Within Them

July 12, 2023

From a Dark Bunker in Ukraine to Graduation Ceremony at Tel Aviv University

July 12, 2023

Discovery May Lead to Personalized Medicine for Infectious Diseases

July 11, 2023

Tel Aviv University Introduces Tuition-Free Teaching Certificate Program

June 29, 2023

Tel Aviv University 1st in Israel in QS World University Ranking 2024

June 28, 2023

Breakthrough Gene Therapy Offers Hope for Severe Developmental Epilepsy in Children

June 27, 2023

Prof. Isaac P. Witz Honored with 2023 Szent-Györgyi Prize for Progress in Cancer Research

June 26, 2023

The Secret Sauce of Academic Growth

June 22, 2023

Tel Aviv University and the Sackler Family Agreed to Remove the Name Sackler from the Faculty of Medicine

June 22, 2023

A Step Closer to Beating Melanoma?

June 18, 2023

Introducing Tel Aviv University’s Student Success Center

June 18, 2023