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The Academy Lights Israel Up

October 17, 2023 |

University and college buildings across the country were illuminated in the colors of the Israeli flag this evening:

University and college buildings across the country, from Tel Hai in the North, to Sapir in the South, were illuminated in the colors of the Israeli flag this evening (Tuesday) at 7:30 p.m., in an effort to show support for the security and rescue forces, as well as all citizens and residents of the State of Israel, which is undergoing a continuous war.

At Tel Aviv University, our national pride was on display as the campus was adorned with iconic symbols. The “Broshim” dormitory now showcases a large illuminated Israeli flag, while the windows of the Broadcom Building, home to the advanced research and development center for the Faculty of Engineering and Broadcom company, were meticulously lit to form the distinct outline of the Israeli flag. Positioned prominently along the Ayalon highway, these illuminated structures served as a proud testament to the university’s commitment to its national identity, catching the eye of every passing driver.

According to the initiative’s organizers, “Our hearts go out to the families of those who have been brutally murdered, wounded, kidnapped, captured, and those still missing.”

There are many faculty members and students who have been called up for military service, with the entire country being mobilized and taking part in fighting or strengthening the Home Front.

Educational institutions want to make sure they know we are always behind them, thinking of and worrying about them, and we are praying for their safe return home!

“May this light illuminate your path and inspire hope among all of Israel.”











One of the buildings of  Broshim Student Dormitories



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