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Standing Up to Climate Change

TAU researchers are making significant environmental impact on the ground—now. A software programmer, an ecologist and a wildlife photographer enter a room. This is not the preamble to a joke. This is a normal...

Climate Change

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From War in Ukraine to Studies at TAU

We welcome PhD researcher Maryana Sytar, who left her war-torn country. Tel Aviv University welcomed the first Ukrainian researcher who will spend the coming semester at the University after she was forced to...


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AI Week 2022 Draws over 5,000

Three-day virtual event hosted by TAU forecasts an exciting future in artificial intelligence. Israel’s leading AI Week was recently organized by Tel Aviv University and covered breakthroughs and innovations...


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Israeli Breakthrough in Treating PTSD

World first: TAU-led team shows success of oxygen therapy in alleviating symptoms of PTSD in military veterans. Researchers from Tel Aviv University and Israel’s Shamir Medical Center were able to successfully relieve...


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And Let There Be Light

Efforts by TAU’s Clinical Law Program will help keep electricity running for those who are struggling to pay utility bills. The recent drop in temperature in Israel has led to a significant increase in electricity...


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Reading Tea Leaves

What is the origin of tea, and does the climate crisis threaten its production? Tea – the ancient beverage comes in different flavors and colors. The Queen of England will never go without her afternoon...

Food Security, Life Sciences

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Start Up Nation in Ancient Canaan

Thanks to advanced management skills, the Arava became the copper power of the ancient world. A new Tel Aviv University study has determined that thanks to advanced management methods and impressive technological...


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Viruses and Game Theory

TAU researchers discover new mechanism for communication between viruses and bacteria. Phages are viruses that attack bacteria. Many phages can exist in one of two states: active (lysis), in which the phages...

Medicine & Health, Virus

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The Magnificent TAU Trees

They paint our campus in a variety of colors throughout the seasons, provide us with shade on hot sunny days and fill our souls with gladness. Our campus wouldn’t have been the same without them, and what better...


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Out of This World

A new star and satellite observatory is currently being set up on the roof of TAU’s Shenkar building, and is set to become one of the most sophisticated labs in the world. If you’d like to take a look...


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TAU Students Racing Towards a Greener Campus

As part of Tel Aviv University’s initiative to reduce its environmental footprint to help combat the global climate crisis, the Entrepreneurship Center rallied 73 students to the cause and held a hackathon...

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Pursuing the Unknown

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